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Ready to take your business to the next level? 
Grow your audience? 
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How many times have you had a couple weeks of great posts and engagement only to find yourself unable to keep up with the pace? Then you miss a few days, watch your engagement drop and get frustrated? It's okay! We all have those moments, but there are techniques and rhythms you can establish to stay consistent, grow your community, and convert followers into clients.

Have you watched your sales start to slow down and you know you need to put more emphasis into your social media game, but where the heck do you even start? Yes! There is a lot going on with content types, algorithms, and trends, but there are simple ways to stay on your A-game and win at the social media game.

In this course you'll gain the following skills:
👉 How to plan a 90-day strategy
👉 What works on the most popular platforms
👉 Why you should batch work your posts
👉 How to write strong captions that convert
👉 When you should choose one platform over another
👉 How to consistently communicate your brand identity

Social media shouldn't be overwhelming, yet you probably find yourself struggling to keep up with designing, scheduling, posting, engaging, and keeping up with the latest trends. Knowing how to set targeted and focused goals, map out the path to reach those goals, and gather the tools you need are laid out for you in this course.

Discover the keys to a strong digital marketing foundation. You'll learn how to develop your brand, define your Ideal Client, choose content, write captions that convert, and more with this starter framework to elevate your business. Dive deeper into these five platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and Snapchat. Get ready to write the best profile description your feed has ever seen, understand the data behind your posts, and gather tools to make social media a cinch!

You'll learn how to clearly define your ideal client, craft messaging unique to your audience, how and when to pitch and close a sale, plus a closer look at five of the most popular platforms of 2021.

Just three years ago I was in your shoes. I was barely on social media and definitely not for business. Social media is my primary source of new clients and referrals, so I am proof that you don't need a huge following in order to make an impact and grow your business.

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Course Curriculum

Rachel Stewart

With 20+ years of experience from corporate and nonprofit sectors I'm now helping small businesses grow and scale with lean teams. A self-proclaimed "left brain creative" I thrive on developing and improving systems, processes, and strategies for both marketing and operations.

I'm obsessed with great coffee and hanging out anywhere in San Diego with a cool patio and chill vibes. Find me on TikTok and either laugh or dance along with this super awkward white girl.

John Smith


Highly recommended course. Easy to understand, informative, well organized. The course is full of practical and valuable advice for anyone who wants to enhance their kkills. Really enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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